The visit of the young IT-ists from Nehemiah Security
October 2018 
Our residents received the visit of a group of 18 young people from the firm Nehemiah Security from Cluj-Napoca. This company has offices also in London – United Kingdom – and Dayton, Tyson and Raleigh in the US. The company has established for all the employees, from all subsidiaries in the world, a unique day to carry out social activities – The service day. 
Thus, besides a food sponsorship, the young people in Cluj brought the necessary raw material and together with a group of residents prepared a fruit salad and coconut cupcakes, both being then distributed to all the residents of the center.
Apart from this activity, the youngsters were divided into several groups and played with our elders various games in the club, others played in the rooms or made reading for those immobilized in bed.
It was an exciting and beneficial meeting for the both parties, bringing a new, young, air to those from here and showing another aspect of the life to the guests.