The care and the medical assistance

The typical pathology in the center is the aterosclerosys with all its manifestations, where we add the cardio-vascular, respiratory, digestive, renal, degenerative diseases, cancer, rheumatism, etc. Patients immobilized in bed due this situation especially to strokes, fractures and ankylosys. In our center we assure the majority of the treatments. The cases exceeding our competence or our possibilities are sent in specialized clinics. When we need, we have the voluntary support of different physicians who come and assure free consultations and treatments for our patients.

Our residents represent a special kind of patients: because of their age and of their biological condition – the average age is 74, from 57 to 96 – the diseases don’t have a regressive character, to healing, but progressive, the handicap making things harder. The fact that the residents remain here until the end complicates more the situation. All the mentioned aspects make heavier the personnel’s task. And we can add that a rather high number of our beneficiaries don’t have anymore a familly, or the familly rejected them.

The recovery and the maintenance of the functional residue represent a major component of the general treatment and it displays conforming to a individualized program, permanently adapted to the situation. The program is settled by the center’s physician, and when it is necessary, in cooperation with other specialists. The importance of this action is underlined by the fact that from the 110 residents, about 60 have a high degree of dependency, 30 of them being immobilized in bed; the other 50 kept, more or less, their self-service capacity.     

From 2012 we began tai-chi exercises for the seniors, tended by specialists from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport from Cluj. 

There are 66 places for women and 44 places for men.