In order to improve the professional activities and the organisation of the sparetime of the residents, there were continued the exchanges of experience for the personnel involved in the assistance and care of the residents, in all the profile centers in the county: social worker, psychologist, nurses, nurseaids, etc.

For spending the sparetime and for diversifying the residents’ activities – in the center, performances in the municipal, excursions, visits at the monasteries in the county – we cooperate with several organisations and foundations. From these ones, The Association of the Orthodox Women has a very sustained and long activity.

A benefic cooperation was established in 2006  with the Group of Aged Persons from The Day Center from Manastur (a residential district in the Municipal ClujNapoca)

Because of the very complex patholgy of our residents, we have a very important collaboration with the clinics in the city, a special help receiving from the Ambulance Service Cluj, the Public Health Authority, the Clinics Surgery I and III, the Clinic of Dermatology, the Center of Diagnosis and Treatment, the Psychiatric Clinic, the Traumatology-Orthopedic Clinic, Clujana Municipal Clinical Hospital, Regina Maria Medical Center, Medstar and Grigorescu Policlinics, Synevo Laboratory. We have a special collaboration with a number of doctors of various specialties who have provided consultations, treatments and support in a very special way to our residents, often coming willingly to the center to do so.

Our cooperation with the universitary milieu continues from 1996. We had in our center students   for practise, for projects and for licence works, masters and PhD students from:

  • The Faculty of Social Assistance – we had also visits with a didactic purpose from a Nursing College from Boston, USA;
  • The University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj
    • The Faculty of General Medicine – students in practise, for documentation or for licence works, masters and PhD

–in the prgram Erasmus we had 2 students in the last year for practise, from the Nursing Faculty from Nancy, France.

–in the same program Erasmus, since 2011, we have groups of students in the last year from Institut de Formation Interhospitalier „Théodore Simon”, Neuilly-sur-Marne, France, for didactic visits

  • The Facultaty of Physical Education and Sport, Section Kinetotherapie and special  motricities:

–students for licence works

–instructors for tai-chi exercises with our residents

  • The Faculty of Architecture
  • The University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine


–students for licence works