Activities with a psycho-social character

In our club we organize soirees, meetings with a character of entertainment, occasionally performances and for hollidays, here we receive the guests. Monthly we celebrate the birthdays of our residents with music, snacks and there are offered small gifts and flowers. But these are only a small part of the activities with/for our benefficiaries.

Group activities

Organized by the psychologist

  • support group in order to grow the cohesion between the residents
  • group for occupational therapy
  • counseling group
  • reminiscences group in order to retrace the story of the life
  • sensory-motility stimulation group

Organized by the social worker

  • reading the rosary
  • recreation group and discussions on various themes
  • painting and handwork group
  • group for cognitive stimulation and for creating/development of certain  abilities
  • games in the garden with the persons with disabilities, in small groups
  • preparing and realizing performances and different kind of exhibitions
  • sketches, puppet show
  • competitions for miss center,chess competition, competition of general culture, competition of poetry

Organized by the County Library „Octavian Goga” and volunteers

  • weekly presentation of Romanian films
  • lecture from books and from the pree

Organized by „The Organisation of the Orthodox Women”

  • group of discussions on religious themes and praying 

Individual activities: 

1. Coordinated by the psychologist:

  • support counseling – for the time being reduction of the stress;
  • psychological counseling in situations of crisis – for the improvement of the control on the negative emotions, for the modification of the disadaptative behaviours and the optimisation of the adaption to the new situation;
  • activities for the intelectual stimulation (wordplays, occupational therapy, melotherapy, active communication) – for the improvement of the time and space orientation, of the communication and for stimulating the positive emotions;
  • mobilisation and counseling for the growth of the motivation for changing;
  • stimulation for the improvement of the social relationship with the other benefficiaries;
  • psychoeducation for the families of the residents;
  • psychoeducation regarding the dependence on toxic substances.

2. Coordinated by the social worker

  • individual discussions, especially with the persons imobilized in bed, reading with or for the resident, playing chess, cards, rummy, discussions on religious themes, a.s.o;
  • organizing such games between a person immobilized in bed and a valid one or in a wheel-chair;
  • games in the yard with the persons with disabilities.  

3. Coordinated by the psychologist, for the personnel

  • individual discussions in order to evaluate the subjective perception of the occupational stress and the satisfaction of life;
  • individual counseling – voluntary meetings with persons with a high degree of psychic exhaustion;
  • group for psycho-education having as objective the identification and the control of the stressing factors (both from inside and from outside);  
  • group for socialization together with the residents;
  • group meetings.