The expected results of our activity

A very important fact is that we can assure decent conditions of life for our residents and conditions of care and assistance at a high level, both as possibilities and as professionalism. Practically they don’t have any worry anymore (obviously, someone can always find reasons of recking from no matter what): they receive normal conditions of lodgement, cleaning, care, facilities, equilibrated, diversified and fresh nourishment (the food which remains after a meal is no more served to the next meal) and they don’t have any preoccupation concerning taxes, money or the concern of tomorrow. They don’t have to worry not even for the funerals because for the people without possibilities, this is assured by specialized firms in the  places in the cemetery belonging to the center.   

Here we add the whole qualified personnel, including the psychologist and the social worker, who are doing all that it is possible in order to organize their spare-time in the most pleasant and cheerful way and to re-socialize them. By the deploied activities, they brought to light many qualities and possibilities that the people here, at their age, didn’t know that they have them or thought them lost. In addition must be considered the religious services officiated by priests belonging to the hystorical churches. 

A basic component of the activity in the center is the bio-psycho-social recovery, made after the evaluation and re-evaluations of the benefficiaries. This imposes activities of psychological recovery, therapies for neuro-motric recovery, occupational therapies, ergotherapies and the forming, development and consolidation of the habits of an independent life (as much as possible), personal hygiena, self-service and self careful management.

A very important aspect is represented by the medical assistance. This is assured by a doctor and nurses 24 hours per day and when needed, there are made the programmings, the visits and the analyses in specialized clinics. When the evolution af a disease imposes, the ill person is monitorized for various periods of time. The care includes the necessary medication and the treatments (beside drugs, they count also procedures and manual labours) which are administrated conforming to the prescriptions. The medical treatment involves also the recovery treatment or for maintaining the biological status, treatment made by specialists, in bed or in the gym-room, endowed with the needed gear. The assortment of the recovery system was enlarged also with tai-chi exercises.

It is to mention all the endowments of the center which are adapted to the biological status of the residents and to their handicap.

A major aspect is represented by the fact that many of the beneficiaries, after some unpleasant experiences, are treated here again as dignified persons and are valorized in consequence.

In these conditions one can see that the residents of our center have a life which can’t be compared with the old persons’ one at home, excepting the family’s love – where it exists and how much it exists – and the intimacy (sometimes, this can be a benefit!!!). Who can enjoy the activity of so many specialists workink only in their service and for their benefit?!