Thanks 2015


Now, at the end of the year, the residents and the staff of The Care and Assistance Center from Cluj-Napoca, institution belonging to The General Direction of Social Care and Child’s Protection Cluj, send our thanks to The County Council of Cluj for the support and the care offered again in 2015.

          We warmly thank the following institutions, firms, organizations, foundations and persons who substantially contributed to raise the standard and the quality of life in our center:  The Water Company “Someş”, SC Remedium Farm SRL, The Public Transport Company Cluj, SC Delap SRL, Prof. Dr. Roman Morar, The Association Optiplaza Brasov, The foundations Familia Regasita, Transilvania, Crestina de Ajutorare, The Organization of the Orthodox Women and Mrs. Florica Rodeanu, Sister Georgiana, The County Library «Octavian Goga», The kinergarden „Casuta cu Povesti”, The County Association of the Pensioners Cluj, Saint Pantelimon Ambulatory, the newspaper „Făclia”, Cafe Lux SRL, The Facultaty of Physical  Education and Sport, The Theatre Puck and The Romanian National Opera from Cluj-Napoca, K&F Sv Cluj.  

          For the important help to alleviate the sufferences of our rezidents and to maintain their health, we send many thanks and good thoughts to all the specialists from the clinics from our town, especially to The Ambulance Service, The Integrate Ambulatory of the Infectious Diseases, The Mental Health Center, The Ophtalmology Section of The Military Hospital “Victor Papilian”, The Clinic I of Surgery, The Clinic of Dermatology, The Medical Center „Regina Maria”, Synevo and Synlab. The warmest thanks to The Public Health Authority for the prompt and efficient help permanently offered to us. With gratitude we address special thanks to the doctors who came voluneerly in our center for consultations and treatments: Dr. Anca Bojan, Dr. Roxana Bozdog, Dr. Gabriela Buracu, Dr. Dana Câsu, Prof. Dr. Rodica Cosgarea, Dr. Cristina Dobre, Dr. Monica Gavriş and co-workers, Dr. Claudiu Gomboşiu, Dr. Luminiţa Lăţea, Dr. Valdimir Marcov, Dr. Valentin Militaru, Dr. Vasile Mureşan, Dr. Corina  Popa.  

          We thank The City Hall of the Municipal Cluj-Napoca for the support, the Christmas-tree and the gifts, and the children, pupils, students and all the other groups who came to us with Christmas Carols and gifts. 

          We also send many thanks accompanied by our whole consideration to the physic persons for sponsorships, donations and gifts.

          To all those who were near us in 2015, even if only with the thoughts and the souls, and to all our collaborators, we thank and we wish them A New Year 2016 with health, peace, joy and gainings!


Happy New Year!                                                   Dr. Liviu Popa