Now, at the end of the year, the residents and the personnel of the Care and Assistance Center from Cluj-Napoca send to the County Council and to the Institution of the Prefect of the Cluj County many thanks for the care and the support offered in 2013.          
              We warmly thank the following institutions, firms, organizations, foundations and persons who substantially contributed to rise the standard and grow the quality of the life in our center : The Water Company Someş, Electromontaj SA, SC Remedium Farm SRL, SC Class-Shoe SRL and Mrs. Maria Râhlea, SC Electroglobal SRL, SC RCC Consult SRL, SC Felmedica SRL, SC Delap SRL, MD Prof. Roman Morar, UPC Astral Telecom the Filial Cluj-Napoca, Mr. Mihai Bartoş, The County Library «Octavian Goga», The Technical Colledge “Anghel Saligny”, The Newspaper Făclia, Cafe Lux SRL, The Faculty of Physic Education and Sport, The Organization  of the Orthodox Women and Mrs. Florica Rodeanu, Sister Georgiana, The Christian Foundation for Help (Fundatia Creştină de Ajutor) and The Foundation The Recovered Family (Familia Regăsită), Mr. Emil Aştilean, The Group Radu Lazăr, Claudiu Cotârlă and Călin Botiş, The Choir „Voci Transilvane” (Transylvanian Voices), Mr. Petre Cîmpeanu and The Folk Ensemble „Buciumul” (The Alphorn). 
              For the important support offered for alleviating the sufferences of our rezidents and for maintaining their health status, we send many thanks and our best thoughts to the specialists from the clinics from Cluj-Napoca and especially to the collectives from The Service of Ambulance Cluj, The Integrated Laboratory of the Infectious Diseases Clinic, The Mental Health Center, The Medical Center „Regina Maria”,  The Clinic of  Maxillofacial Surgery, The Clinic of Dermatology and The Clinic Surgery I. The warmest thanks to The Authority of Public Health for the prompt  and efficient help permanently accorded. With gratitude, we address special thanks to the doctors who came at will in our center for consultations and treatments:  Dr. Brad Bugnariu, Dr. Dana Câsu, MD Prof. Rodica Cosgarea, Dr. Cristina Dobre, Dr. Claudiu Gomboşiu, Dr. Gribovschi Mihaela, Dr. Yveta Iernuţan, Dr. Valdimir Marcov, Dr. Valentin Militaru, Dr. Vasile Mureşan, Dr. Corina Popa, Conf. Dr. Gheorghe Tomoaia.   
              Special thanks and our whole gratitude to the Organization Helpende Hand from Goirle, Holland, for the constant and useful help they offer us since longtime ago.
              We thank The City Hall of the Minicipal Cluj-Napoca for the support, the fir-tree and the gifts, and to the children, the pupils, the students and the other groups, for the carols and for the presents offered for these hollidays.
              We also address many thanks and all our consideration to the private persons for sponsoring us, for the donations and for the gifts.
              To all those who were near us in the year 2013, even if only with the thoughts, and to all our collaborators, we thank them and we wish them A Happy New Year 2014 with health, peace, happiness and achievements.
           LA MULŢI ANI !
           A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

                                                                                                                                                        Dr. Liviu Popa