Short historical

In Cluj-Napoca, the first hospital for poor mentioned in documents functioned at the beginning of the XIV-th century on Elisabeth Road (today Emil Racovita street). In 1671, the hospital moved in the center of the city and for sanitary-hygienic reasons, in 1768, the bishop Bajtai Antal ordered to be moved again, this time out of the city, in a building of Saint Peter’s Order. Under its patronage, to the hospital was added a shelter for old people, named “St. Francis and St. Elisabeth Old Poor House”. From 1920, here remained only the old people.

The building of the actual Care and AssistanceCenter began to be built in 1855 and was finished in 1870, being a shelter for poor. Later was built the western wing as dwelling and office for the Roman-Catholic priest.             

In 1948, “St. Francis and St. Elisabeth Old Poor House” became an institution for the old people’s care, in the property of the state, with the name of “Elderly Home”, having a régime of asylum.

 In 1997, it was transformed in “Nursing-Home for Chronic Somatic Diseases”, and in 2002, the name changed into “Care and AssistanceCenter”, keeping practically the same object of activity.

From 2005 the institution became part of the General Direction of Social Assistance and Child’s Care Cluj, in the direct subordination of the County Council of Cluj.