The main source of financing is the county budget. The evaluation of the budget of our institution is based on a project of budget which is a part of the total budget of the General Direction of Social Assistance and Child’s Protection Cluj. This one is analyzed by the Budget-Finances Commission and then approved by the County Council of Cluj.

Other money comes from extra budgetary sources. All the residents must pay a contribution of 900 lei monthly (about 195 EU), settled by the Order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Justice Nr. 623/2017 of May 2, 2017. This amount of money represents about 25% of the costs with a resident pro month. When the resident has an insufficient pension, he keeps 30% as pocket money, the change being completed by the relations of first degree, but they pay full, in part or not at all, depending on the income per family member. Persons with severe mental disability and those who have no income don’t pay anything. In the same time, those who received a social aid before the admission in the care center loose it because now, the social aid is materialized in a different form, much more consistent.

An other source of financing is represented by sponsorships and donations. It is to mention that these ones have an occasional character, because our center doesn’t have any written accord or contract in this sense.