Considering that the number of places in this center is very, very small comparing with the number of demands and with the necessities, at the beginning of the year 2003 we made a reorganizing project. The first stage was a project of extending by constructing a new building in our yard, with a capacity of about 130 places with a high comfort and a high degree of functionality and adaptability to the needs of the moment. Here ought to function several compartments, like palliative care, recovery, care for people with Alzheimer disease, counseling both to the mentioned group of persons and to their families, etc. The old administrative building could become a day-care center for elderly, so it could have been created a complex of care for aged persons, with about 240 places for the institutionalization and about 50 places in the day center.        

This project was started with The City-Hall and The Local Council of The Municipal Cluj-Napoca, who manifested concretely their support for this project by allocating the funds for the feasibility study. The second stage regarded the replacement of the actual building (old from 1870) with a new one, adapted to the actual requirements and standards.

Because the Roman-Catholic Church claimedthe buildings of the center and the afferent terrain, of 9.700 m2, sustaining the quality of ex owner, in 2003, all the demarches were stopped until the clarification of the juridical situation, and this in the harm of an underprivileged social category of people, represented by the ill aged persons, with handicap or with important social problems. That’s why all the investments or improvements were stopped sine die.