The surprise visit on 8 March
On the 8th of March, our center received the visit of a group of 8 professionals in make-up and hair-styling. They came to offer a beauty meeting and a flower to the ladies who are residents in our center.
    Apart from them, the ladies belonging to the center's staff and being present at work enjoyed also the surprise beauty-meeting.
    The visit was a special, very pleasant surprise and was gladly welcomed, especially as it came out of the traditions and features of the usual visits.
    The make-up was offered by Ioana Malai (who was also the initiator of the action), Dana Petronela Baldea, Ona Buta and Ioana Draghici, and the hair-styling  was made by Alexandra Bota, Lavinia Grindean and Eveline Parnescu.
    Besides our thanks, we address all our consideration to the 8 visitors!
    The photos represent a few moments during the visit and the group of the 8 specialists.