Legal frame

The functioning of the Care and Assistance Center was and is settled by the actual legislative system, being under the incidence of the legislative changes dynamic.

The institution functioned until 1997 as “Home for Elderly” according to the Council of Ministers Decision nr. 454/1957. By reorganization, it was transformed in “Nursing-Home for Chronic Somatic Diseases”, according with the Order 122/1997 of the State Secretariat for Persons with Handicap. Its name was changed into “Care and Assistance Center” by the Government Emergency Order nr. 102/1999, approved with modifications and completions by the Law nr. 519/2002.

After the transformation of the State Secretariat for Persons with Handicap in National Authority for Persons with Handicap in 2003, the Government gave the Decision nr. 329/2003 for the settlement of the frame rules for the organization and functioning of the institutions for social protection for persons with handicap. After its approval in the Local Council, all the proper normative papers depending to these frame-rules were modified and adapted.

By the Decision of the County Council nr. 208 from the 23rd of December 2004, conforming with the Emergency Decision of the Government nr. 102 from 1999 modified and completed by the Law nr. 343 from 2004 concerning the establishing of the General Direction of Social Assistance and Child’s Protection Cluj, the Care and Assistance Center from Cluj-Napoca lost its legal personality and became part of this direction from the 1st of January 2005.