The 1st of October
The International Day of the Aged Persons

“L’art de vieillir est l’art d’apparaître en face des générations qui viennent après toi comme un appuis et pas comme un obstacle, comme un confident et pas comme un rival” – André Maurois.
The International Day of the Aged Persons was celebrated for the first time in the world in 1991. Now, on this occasion, we try to bring again in the soul of our residents a sunbeam and a drop of happiness. For this, in the Care and Assistance Center from Cluj-Napoca was organized a party with cakes, jus, presents, music, dance and joy. It is to mention that the menu of the day was special.
During the morning, the orthodox priest Ioan Jecan celebrated a Te Deum for our aged persons. After that, representatives from the County Library “Octavian Goga” offered a donation of 300 books for our center.
On the same occasion, after lunch, was organized a visit to the Center for Aged Persons Betsaida from Salicea, where they talked with the people there and played some games. All the residents – both from Cluj and from Salicea – visited the Zooparc from Ciurila and nourished the animals. It was a very amusing afternoon. The transport was sponsored by the Public Transport Company Cluj.
For this day, The General Direction of Social Assistance and Child’s Care sent a message of consideration and gratitude for the residents of our center.
All our gratitude, our respect and “MANY HAPPY RETURNS” to all the aged persons!