Scientific activity

    On April 24-th, The Care and Assistance Center organizes the symposium “The aged persons – A duty of honour”, under the aegis and in partnership with the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Haţieganu” and the University “Babeş-Bolyai”, both from Cluj-Napoca, in the amphytheatre of the Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance.

The target group was represented by physicians of all specialities and degrees, psychologists, social workers, all those involved in the care and the assistance of the aged persons, old persons, institutions, etc.


  1. to realize a unity and a close cooperation between all the institutions, organizations and foundations which offer services for the aged persons, because they act practically independently and we consider that it is not normal to look someone’s needs fragmented, as independent parts.
  2. educational for youth and especially for students, by implementing the respect for the seniors, tolerance and understanding in facing the sufferance of the elders, with or without handicap.

Expected results:

  1. the optimization of the network of services for the assistance of the aged people in the community.
  2. the creation of a multidisciplinary and interuniversitary partnership in order to form the specialized human resources in the assistance of the aged persons
  3. to create a stronger link between the universities and the care-givers (persons or institutions)

Metodology: presentations, discutions, focus grup, evaluation

Speakers: 24 from universities, institutions, organisations and foundations, all with universitary education, covering all the aspects of the problem (or the greatest part of it)..

Evaluation :

  1. of the participants (knowledges and abilities) by a focus group
  2. of the speakers by a questionnaire of evaluation from every participant

Mention: in the hall of the amphytheatre are organized some stands for firms who produce goods, devices or offer services for the seniors

Conex event: because the symposium takes place in the very neighborhood of the organizing center, it is accompanied by „The open doors day” in the Care and Assistance Center

Crediting: the symposium receives credits of continous professional education from The Physicians’ Colledge and from the Order of the Nurses and Midwifes bot hat national level.

Dr. Liviu Popa
The Care and Assistance Center Cluj-Napoca