For the 21 st of September – The World Alzheimer's Day – our center
organized several activities:
- a meeting with representatives of the County Library „Octavian Goga” and
here were discussed the social aspects of the Alzheimer disease and after that
was a presentation of the services offered by the institutions subordinated to the
GDSACP to the persons suffering of this illness;
- an interactive presentation on the same theme and a ergotherapy work-shop
with the participation of the beneficiaries and the members of the personnel;
- a meeting with members of the residents’ families suffering of the Alzheimer
disease; the goal was to clarify some of the aspects of this disease in the period
when the actual residents were at home, the evolution of the disease and the
offer of an emotional support from the specialists of the center. It was interesting
and instructive that the present persons shared the experiences they had with
their ill relatives;
- the meals of the day had a festive character.


For the International Day of the Aged Persons – the 1st of October –
- a trip at the Nicula Monastery for a group o residents who were able to walk;
the transport was assured by the Public Transport Company and at the
monastery they were received by the abbot and some other priests;
- a concert of traditional music and a big cake, both offered by the Organization
of thr Liberal Women;
- a walk in town for some rzidents, in wheel-chairs, with students volonteers
from the College “Lucian Blaga”;
- watch of the spectacle „The Music of the autumn” organized at the cinema
„Marasti” by the Multifunctional Center of Integrated Social Services for Aged
Persons nr. 2;
- the meals of the day had a festive character and all the residents received