A commission of admittance from the department for adults of the General Direction of Social Assistance and Child’s Care decides the admission in our center, but conditioned by the places liberated in time and corresponding to the gravity of the case. The waiting list counts usually about 150-250 persons.     

Our center has 110 places and in the last 15 years, the average number of the acceptances is of 25petitioners pro year. Those who are coming in our center, generally remain here for the rest of their life.

The documents for admittance in The Care and Assistance Center and for establishing the monthly contribution are:

1. Demand of admittance in a care and assistance center, addressed to the General Direction of Social Assistance and Child’s Protection Cluj

2. Statement of the solicitor in order to prove that he/she has not children or legal supporters; if they exist, must be specified the reasons why they can’t take care of the solicitor

2. Papers concerning the civil situation (photocopies)

  • birth certificate for the solicitor
  • marriage certificate for the solicitor
  • divorce sentence
  • death certificate for husband or wife
  • birth certificates of the supporters (children, parents, wife, husband depending of the case)
  • identity card
  • The deeds are brought depending of the case.

4. Medical recommendation

  • Medical certificate fromthe family doctor containing all the diseases in evidence and certifying that the solicitor doesn’t suffer of infectious-contagious diseases and can habituate a community;
  • Psychic evaluation
  • Recent examination from the profile physician
  • Other relevant medical documents

5. Social acts

  • demonstrative documents about the habitation conditions
  • last pension coupon
  • certificate of person with handicap 
  • statement concerning the lack of legal sustainers, authenticated by the City-Hall (depending on the case)
  • income certificate for the legal sustainers (depending on the case)
  • other papers concerning the sources of income (unemployment aid, support allowance, aids or allowances with a permanent character, incomes from rents, agricultural incomes, etc)
  • copies of the decisions of the court of justice establishing upkeep obligations for certain persons in the profit or in the obligation of the demander, depending on the case – sentence of interdiction, sentence of assignment of a tutor, etc  

6. Social inquest from the City-Hall (in Cluj-Napoca – Social Protection Service, Str. Stefan Octavian Iosif nr. 4)

7. Evidence from the specialized service of the city-hall to testify that it was not possible to assure the protection or the care of the person with handicap at home or in other comunitary services (in Cluj-Napoca – Social Protection Service, Str. Stefan Octavian Iosif nr. 4). 

The dossier must be deposed at the DGASPC Cluj, Serviciul Rezidential, Aleea Padin 20 (Manastur district), tel. 0264-592401.

After the approval of the admitance, before the presentation in the center, will be made: a lung radiography (with the result given by a specialist physician) and blood-tests for lues, non-A hepatitis and HIV/AIDS.